Numero Quatro

by The Scuba Cult



released 11 July 2014



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Ain't No Friend (Like a Dead One)
Yeah, yeah. Yeah, yeah.
I'm going to miss you, my friend (x2).
You started drinking again.
And it got you this time.
I'm going to miss you. my dear friend.
My beloved friend.
You were a shithead, my man, but I'm with you until the end.
My beloved friend.
Beloved friend.
Track Name: The Meat Department Part II
Man, I really did a woman wrong.
I think about it nearly about every day.
But when I think about what she did to me, you see.
I tend not to feel bad about it.

There is a woman that's fucking me.
And I'm happy to fuck her back.
But she keeps on calling me, buggin' me, buggin' me.
When I don't have nothing left to give.

I've been observing your loving.
And your loving looks good to me.
Nobody else is coming.
Why don't you give some of your loving to me?